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5 Books Every Hawaiian Home Needs

Here are our picks for understanding and connecting to Hawai'i's Sense of Place: 

1. The Great Mahele: Hawai'is Land Division of 1848 by Jon J Chinen; This is a road map of the history and philosophy of land ownership in Hawai'i. A necessary read for all landowners to understand the intricacies and the heart of the Hawaiian culture. 

2.  Hawaii, A Sense of Place by Mary Philpotts McGrath & Kaui Phipotts; A nice display piece, this book offers insight into home designs that create space for Hawai'i's climate, culture, and environment. Its beautiful pictures show case Hawaiian architecture and interior design. 

3. 'OHI, How to Gather and Arrange Hawai'i's Flora by Tamara Rigney and Mariko Reed; This book celebrates Hawaiian Flora and Fauna and encourages you to explore your surroundings! Not only will this book get you out of house but it will make you more observant of your surroundings while learning skills adorn your home. Its a great inspiration for tropical design!

4. From Then to Now: A Manual for Doing Things Hawaiian Style; A home is more than a structure! This book guides you through the intent of aloha and how live right according to Hawaiian values. Fill your Hawaiian home and your heart with aloha!

5.  Cooking in Pono by LiAnn Lilinoe Uyeda; Everybody likes good food! The family recipes in this book showcase the best of Hawaiian cooking, leaving you full and happy. Have an adventure in the kitchen and discover a connection to the land! 

*The differnt spellings of Hawai'i (Hawaii) and Hawai'i's (Hawai'is) are intended. 

There are many more books the will help make your Hawaiian house a home, but these are a great start! Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy!





Sara Jehn